May/June 2020

Polarullens Njólak of Supermoon Samochas Inka of Iwan

Hips:  B/ Good
Eyes: UA/ Clear
Height: ca 63 cm
Weight: ca 26 kg
Breeder: Margareta Kohrtz

Njólak is a large, long-legged and elegant male. Pure eye candy and a versatile family member. He explodes with joy when meeting new friends or going on a ski tour, but he is also very gentle with children, cats and small dogs. He is extremely charming with his cute face, his love of cuddling, his sense of humor and his intelligence. Njólak has not yet tried dog sledding, but he displays great strength and a will to work when drawing a kicksled or skijoring.

Born:  20170608
Height: 54cm
Weight: 19-20kg
Hips: A
Eyes: Clear

Inka is energetic, tough, easy to handle and soft to the touch.
She has good coat and paws. She is adorable  and all about working.
During the last season she has shown that she really has her place in the team.

More info on her own page.

Vi tror väldigt mycket på denna parning. De kompletterar varandra både vad gäller
utseende, mentalitet och andra viktiga egenskaper.
Polarullens Njólak Of Supermoon Polartassen Salomon Frostbjörnens Thunder Emperor
Polartassen Telma
Polarullens Wohpe Of To-Bolch Polarullens Bolchoj Alpov
Prairie Isle Nayeli Tolinka
Samochas Inka Of Iwan Svartisens Iwan Av Tundra Deejasome Eller Inte
Svartisens Glittra Av Geisha
Bielkersmils Irja Of Zouroff Great Zima Prince Zouroff
Bielkersmils Avatara Of Kartman
We very much believe in this mating. They complement each other both in terms of
appearance, mentality and other important characteristics.
Information for you who are thinking about buying a puppy from us.
If you are planning to buy a puppy from us you need to:

· be aware that the samoyed is a working dog who needs physical excercise to feel good. This excercise could be for example sledging, agility, tracking or obedience. The important is that the dog is activated in a way that makes it tired.

· be a person who likes to stay in the nature along with your dog, no matter what the weather is like.

· be aware that the samoyed is a very social dog who doesn't feel good to be left alone for a long time.

· be aware that the samoyed is a very beautiful dog which is easy to fall for.
Don't let yourself be fooled by the looks without beeing well aware of the other properties.

Naturally we follow the rules of SKK (swedish kennel association) and also the recommendations from the Swedish Polardog
association according breed. This means, for example, that the puppies will be delivered at the age of eight weeks at the earliest.
At this time they will be dewormed several times, marked with a chip, vaccinated, checked by a veterinary and registrated in SKK.

At the delivery the puppy is newly washed, the claws are cut and it is newly dewormed.
You will have a leash and a collar, a chewing bone, some food and a booklet with short history and advice how to take care of your puppy.

To buy a puppy from us means that you can contact us for help and advice as long as the dog is alive. We will be happy to help you.
We also like to keep in touch with you since we are very interested to know how the puppy will develop. We will be very happy
to recieve pictures of the puppy and the adult dog from you. If you would like to visit us we' d like to welcome you.

If you buy a puppy from us we'd like you to have your puppy's hips X-rayed and the eyes checked at the age of 18-24 months.
We'd also like you to be active with your dog and that the dog will spend as much time as possible with you.

If you're interested you're welcome to send an e-mail or to phone us (see above). Our policy is not to let anyone reserve a
puppy by e-mail, we also want to talk to you over the phone and, if possible, we'd like you to visit the puppy some week before delivery.

The puppies are insured for three years against birth desase.